12 Days of Christmas Kindness

Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy your family, snuggle close with those you love and, yes, sometimes give and receive great gifts. One of the greatest gifts we can give our kids though, doesn’t come wrapped under the tree at Christmastime. 

That’s the gift of showing kindness to others! 

There is no better time than Christmas to teach your children about not only the importance of building up our kindness muscles, but also actual, practical ways in which to exercise those muscles too! 


fit mom lifestyle, christmas, kindness


The BeyondFit Life Community is about more than just exercising our body–we want to exercise our hearts and our minds too! And just as we always encourage you to have your kids join in on actual work outs, we definitely want the WHOLE family flexing those GIVING muscles all year round and especially at Christmas.

Christmas Kindness Countdown Activity

Countdown to Christmas with your kids and learn new ways to be kind to others with our 12 Days of Christmas Kindness Links! Download this activity FREE right now!


  1. Cut out the 12 days of Christmas Kindness links and create a chain with them.
  2. Everyday (December 13 through 24) complete the act of kindness on that day’s link then remove it from the chain.
  3. Remind your kids that as the chain gets shorter…Christmas gets closer!


Happy holidays from our family to yours! Enjoy all the workouts you get to share this time of year–for body, mind and soul!

fit mom lifestyle, Christmas, kindness


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12 Days of Christmas Kindness

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