12 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes & How to Create Your Own!

Don’t settle for boring old oats! Jazz up your oatmeal and enjoy a flavorful and healthy breakfast option by using some of the healthy oatmeal recipes below!  


Healthy Oatmeal Recipes!


FIRST, start by choosing your cooking liquid.

  • Water: Water is always a good bet if you want to keep the calories down.
  • Coconut Milk: When cooking oatmeal in milk, some like to use coconut milk rather than skim or almond as it will yield a creamier result.
  • Almond Milk: For an instant, flavored oatmeal that is still fairly low in calories, try cooking it in flavored almond milk. Vanilla almond milk is my favorite. 


NEXT, choose add-ins for your oatmeal.

Some things are best to add in while the oats are still cooking, here are a few to try:

  • Dried Fruits: If you add dried fruits to the boiling liquid at the same time you add the oats, they will plump up and become nice and juicy!
  • Certain Fresh Fruits: Heartier, crisper fresh fruits like apple chunks or pear pieces can be added to the oats while cooking to make them softer and more tender (unless of course, you prefer them to be crunchy).
  • Nut Butters: After you cook the oats, but as soon as you take them off the heat, try adding a small scoop of your favorite nut butter. Any nut butter (peanut, cashew, almond) will add flavor and protein to your oats.
  • Fruit Butters: For a fruity flavor minus the fat, try stirring in a spoonful of a fruit butter. Two of my favorites are apple and pumpkin butters.
  • Vanilla or Almond Extract: This should be added just after cooking. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way.
  • Berries or other Fresh Fruit
  • Toasted or Roasted Nuts
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate Chips 
  • Spices: My personal favorites are ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves.
  • Greek Yogurt or Low-Fat Cottage Cheese: Topping oatmeal with a dollop of this adds creaminess and protein.
  • Savory Toppings: Oatmeal doesn’t just have to be sweet. Try these toppings for a savory oatmeal. One slice of bacon crumbled or 1/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheese and fresh chopped herbs. 

Want more healthy (and easy) recipes?!


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