17 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard

By Kate Horney

17 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard

How far along? 17 Weeks, 3 Days

Maternity clothes?  Still holding out.  Spring and summer are going to be my friend w/ beach dresses & unbuttoned shorts…. and of course, yoga pants. 

Best moment this week:  Someone asked me when I was due! 🙂 Yay for a baby bump that now looks like a BABY and not just a few too many burgers! 

Miss Anything?  Had some CRAZY cravings for sushi this week.  I’m not all into the crazy pregnancy food restrictions (yep, I eat my steak rare & still have deli meat) but I do approach grocery store sushi with caution. lol 

Movement: More and more little flutters.  I can not WAIT for those punches & kicks!  (Seriously!)

Food cravings:  Nightly protein pizza (with lots and lots and LOTS of cheese)… sign me up!!  Still loving my morning oat bran and lots of fresh fruit.  I can’t get enough strawberries– they’re amazing on EVERYTHING.   I’m still not crazy about meat, so Greek Yogurt has been helping me get that great protein + calcium combo that’s fantastic for a growing baby. 

berry protein pancakes


Gender: We’re split about 50/50.  Some say boy, some say girl…. in just a few weeks, we’ll know for sure! 🙂

Looking forward to: The big gender reveal appointment! What’s your guess?!

17 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard

Biggest Struggle this week:  Nasal congestion! 

I know it sounds storage, and I really don’t remember this during my pregnancy with Jackson, but this week I’ve noticed that my nose is annoyingly stuffy. 

I’ve read that congestion during pregnancy occurs when high levels of estrogen and progesterone increase blood flow to all the body’s mucous membranes (including the nose) which causes them to swell.  So the nasal congestion make sense. (But that doesn’t make it any less annoying). 

So here’s what I’ve found to help….

3 Natural Tips for Nasal Issues During Pregnancy:

  1. Saline– Antihistamines and nasal sprays will probably be off-limits, so I’m all about natural relief.  I’ve found that saline sprays safe for you and baby, and they do help clear up that stuffiness!  
  2. Steam- Try putting a warm-mist humidifier in your room to add some nose-soothing moisture to the air, or take an extra long, hot steamy shower! (Ahhhhh… yes, a mom can dream). 
  3. Vitamin C– Add an extra 250 mg of vitamin C in addition to your usual daily intake. Definitely talk to your doctor first, but this extra vitamin C may make your capillaries stronger, which reduces the chance of nosebleeds- which are also very common during pregnancy.  You could also take the nutrition route and simply eat more fruits and veggies like kiwis, bell peppers, and tomatoes for more vitamin C during pregnancy.

17 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard


P.S. Are you a fellow pregnant mama?  

Healthy babies come from healthy moms!  

Your baby is a REASON to make a healthy choices priority… not an excuse for why you can’t!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to a FIT PREGNANCY, join us over at the BeyondFit Life Club where I upload all of my personal workouts (100% safe during pregnancy) and share all the best fit mom recipes, tips & tricks!