18 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard + Pregnancy Back Pain

By Kate Horney

18 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard

How far along? 18 Weeks, 2 Days

Maternity clothes?  Fortunately, even when I’m not pregnant, my wardrobe consists mainly of gym clothes. But when I do have to go places where yoga pants aren’t acceptable attire… I rock a dress or the bella band over my unbuttoned jeans/shorts.  It’s working well so far. 

Best moment this week: Watching the bump grow. It’s really fun to watch my belly grow.  We movedJackson into his toddler bed this week, and it’s crazy to think that just 2 years ago at this time, he was in my belly just like baby #2.  Time goes so quickly.  I’m working on enjoying every moment. 🙂

Miss Anything?  I realized last night that the days when sleeping on my stomach was comfortable are officially over.  I do miss being able to lay on my tummy. But I brought back out the Snoogle this week (BEST pregnancy pillow EVER) so hopefully that will help keep bedtime comfortable. 

Movement: Noticing it more and more!  I can’t wait to see the little one’s movement on the ultrasound next week… and then to let Jackson & Patrick feel the punches & kicks!  It will be so sweet!

Food cravings: I’ve made lots of taco salads this week (of course, with a ton of CHEESE) and have been loving some protein french toast as well.  Oat bran with cinnamon apples has also topped the charts, and the protein pizzas are still holding strong at #1. 

18 Weeks Pregnant Cravings
Gender: Next week is the big appointment! 🙂 Now’s the time to cast your vote… PINK or BLUE?!

Looking forward to: Meeting our little one!  And finding out next week if we have to narrow down our list of BOY or GIRL names! 😉

Biggest Struggle:  At this point in pregnancy, your uterus is already the size of a cantaloupe (seriously!) and is causing your body’s center of gravity to shift.  I’ve noticed this week that it’s really pulling my lower back forward and is pushing my abdomen out even more than normal. 

On top of all that, the joint-loosening pregnancy hormones will start to impact your muscles and ligaments, adding up to back pain if you’re not careful.  

pregnancy back pain

Solution:  First and foremost, staying active during pregnancy is KEY! 

Studies show that two-thirds of pregnant women experience back pain.  And can we blame our poor backs?  It’s not easy carrying around a cantaloupe- soon to be watermelon- all day long, but strengthening your lower back muscles, as well as yoga and pelvic tilts can offer relief.

I know you may feel more like curling up in bed than exercising if your back hurts, but the truth is that bed rest is generally not helpful in the long run for low back pain and may even make you feel worse.

The answer is to stay moving!  

Exercise during the second half of pregnancy, as your baby is growing like a weed (or a sweet little flower) is especially helpful.  Here are some more tips that I’ve found to help…

4 Activities to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

  1. Strength train.   Strengthening exercises to help build the muscles that support your back and legs, including your abdominal muscles keep low back pain minimal.  I aim for 3 BeyondFit Life weight training sessions per week and focus on using heavy weight with good form. 
  2. Stretch. Stretching exercises to help the muscles that support the back and legs become more flexible. Be careful to stretch gently, because stretching too quickly or too much can put further strain on your joints, which have been made looser by pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is one good way to stay limber, and it can help improve your balance, too.
  3. Walk.  If you’re not feeling up to a full workout, at the very least you should get out and walk.  I love leisurely walks and try to move 30-60 minutes almost daily.  It’s low impact and easy to make part of your daily routine.
  4. Pelvic Tilts.  For lumbar pain, try doing pelvic tilts, which can ease back pain by stretching your muscles and, over time, strengthening them as well. Here’s how: Get on your hands and knees, arms shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart. Keep your arms straight, but don’t lock the elbows. Tuck your buttocks under and round your back as you breathe in. Relax your back into a neutral position as you breathe out. Repeat at your own pace.


P.S. Are you a fellow pregnant mama?  

Healthy babies come from healthy moms!  

Your baby is a REASON to make a healthy choices priority… not an excuse for why you can’t!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to a FIT PREGNANCY, join us over at the BeyondFit Life Club where I upload all of my personal workouts (100% safe during pregnancy) and share all the best fit mom recipes, tips & tricks!