21 Day Sugar Detox

By Kate Horney


It’s a white, powdery substance just makes you feel good, right?  If you’re a sugar addict like I once was, I bet you can relate….

21 day sugar detox

You can’t get it off your mind, and you keep coming back for more. The more you have it, the more you want it!  Even when you try to stay away from it, it finds ways to sneak into your life almost daily.

What can you do?

Sure, sugar may not be illegal, but studies have shown that it can be more difficult to get off of sugar than cocaine!  Although it’s considered harmless in comparison to most drugs, sugar, in excess, can cause a host of problems for a lot of us:

  • cravings
  • binge eating
  • weight gain
  • heart disease
  • and more….

In preparation for our upcoming BeyondFit Life 21 Day Sugar Detox (which you DEFINITELY want to join, btw) I did some research…. Did you know, that according to the USDA, the average American consumes 132 pounds of sugar per year (To put that into perspective, consider that the number was just 4 pounds in the year 1700.)


Where does it come from?  At least half of the sugar we consume comes from soft drinks, fruit drinks, and sports drinks. The rest sneaks into our diets in the form of ketchup, teriyaki sauce, chocolate milk and the obvious sweets like cookies, cakes, ice cream and even breakfast cereal.

Surprisingly, some “healthy foods” such as yogurt and instant flavored oatmeal can pack in 20-30 grams (5-7 teaspoons) of unnecessary added sugar!  (If your fat loss has stalled, this could be your issue!)

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that we limit our daily sugar consumption to 7% or less of our daily calorie intake—that’s about 6 teaspoons (100 calories) for women.

Unfortunately, most women- even HEALTHY women consume far too much sugar.

Why Should You Care? 

Aside from the increased bulge around the waistline, diets high in sugar are strongly linked to an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, elevated triglycerides, low HDL (good) cholesterol levels, and heart disease.

Sugar intake has also been linked to depression, migraines, poor eyesight, autoimmune diseases (such as arthritis, and multiple sclerosis), gout and osteoporosis.

Signs that your blood sugar may be out of balance:

  • Cravings for sweets, sugar, or bread products. (This is almost a guaranteed sign that your blood sugar is out of balance)
  • Fatigue after eating a meal, or “food-coma”
  • Get lightheaded if meals are missed
  • Eating Sweets does not relieve the cravings for sweets
  • Depend on coffee to keep yourself going or started
  • Difficulty losing fat

The intake of carbohydrates (including sugar) releases a feel good chemical in the brain called serotonin. Think of how you feel after indulging in a high sugar meal or treat—almost euphoric, right?

But the high of a sugar rush is temporary, and  after a few hours—or even a few minutes—you start to crash and you become tired, fatigued and lethargic.  (Been there, done that!)

And it gets worse….

The more sugar you eat, the higher your tolerance becomes, and the more sugar you crave!  It’s a downward spiral that many women get sucked into.

Sugar raises blood sugar- and raised blood insulin levels causes weight gain. Insulin promotes the storage of fat; so, when you eat foods high in sugar, you increase fat storage. Resulting in rapid fat gain.

The good news, though is that we can reverse this tolerance and jump start fat loss in just a couple of weeks by cutting out sugar. Once you have decreased your threshold, something that tasted perfectly sweet a few weeks ago, will begin to taste too sweet to eat, and that can help you reduce your intake of the sweet stuff.

It’s amazing!

Cutting Out Sugar: A 21 Day Action Plan @ BeyondFit Life

While the occasional sweet treat won’t make or break your weight loss or your health, many people have trouble stopping after a sensible portion or saying no to sugar when it’s available. If you feel out of control around sugar, then a sugar “detox” is a great way to reduce your cravings, eat better, and bring sugar back to where it belongs: as an occasional treat that you consciously choose to eat in a mindful manner, not a daily treat occurrence that controls you.

Removing sugar from your diet is the fastest way to burn fat and increase your energy.

When your blood sugar is out of balance it causes depression, causes you to store sugar as fat instead of using it for energy, causing you to have highs and lows in your energy, and ultimately leading to diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

What You Will Feel During And After the BeyondFit Sugar Detox:

  • Less bloating
  • Fat loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Less craving for sugar / food
  • Increased sense of taste (healthy food starts tasting better)
  • Increased energy
  • More consistent energy
  • More regular bowel movements
  • Increased sense of wellbeing
  • Elevated mood/less depression
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Better sleep

After you get over what I call the hump” you will stop craving sugar all together. Hard to believe? I never thought I’d get there myself. It usually takes 3-4 days to get over the hump, so this is the point at which you’ll have to buckle down and use all of your will power.

Believe it or not, the longer your stay off sugar the easier it gets.

Join us for the 21 day sugar detox and you’ll…

  • Ditch sugar cravings once and for all
  • LEARN how to balance your metabolic hormones for optimal fat loss
  • Discover the SECRET to getting more energy
  • Crack the CODE to banishing muffin tops
  • Get PROVEN ways to end hunger and crush cravings (even at those tricky times of the day!)
  • Find the motivation and support you need to get back on track
  • Realise the POWER of accountability
  • Learn the secrets of time management so you can get results – FAST
  • Figure out the blueprint of your own unique fat burning FORMULA
  • Enjoy quick and easy family friendly RECIPES
  • Discover the secrets of women who make fat loss and LIFESTYLE the easy way to make fat loss a lifestyle
  • Tackle your body’s troublesome HOT SPOTS now… and for good!

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to eat a cookie again or enjoy a piece of bread. This is a temporary detox to over- correct your blood sugar. This is when the cravings for sugar disappears, and you energy goes way up and your body blasts through fat loss plateaus!

Join the BeyondFit Life Club and you’ll have INSTANT access to:

  • The BeyondFit 21 Day Sugar Detox Member’s Guide 
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Being a recovering “sugarholic” myself, I can speak from experience how difficult it is to get off of sugar.  But it CAN be done!  

Join us for the 21 Day Sugar Detox and we’ll show you how!

P.S. Moms aren’t the only ones who need to cut out sugar!