4 Ways To Help Your Family Drink More Water Daily

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I’m teaming up with Primo® to share 4 ways to get your family to drink more water.  

I believe that healthy kids are raised by healthy moms. As parents, we play a key role in our children’s choices and behaviors.

That’s why I’m passionate about finding healthy habits that we can work on making a part of our children’s lifestyles.

Not sure where to start?  Drinking more water is an easy and essential habit that will revolutionize your entire family’s health.

Proper hydration is vital to support the biological functions like:

  •  body temperature regulation
  •  cushion joints
  • protects organs and tissues
  • waste removal
  • delivery of nutrient to oxygen and nutrients to cells

How much water do our kids actually need?

The Institute of National Academies has outlined a rough guide to water consumption for children:

4-8 Years            Girls and boys                1.3L / 44 oz

9-13 Years              Girls                            2.1L / 71 oz

                               Boys                           2.4L / 81 oz

14-18 Years            Girls                           2.3L / 78 oz

                               Boys                           3.3L / 112 oz

Some of the signs of dehydration to watch out for include:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • light headedness
  • crankiness
  • poor concentration
  • decreased physical performance

Thirst is not a good indicator of hydration and prevention is always the best option, so…

Here are 4 ways to help your family drink more water daily:

  1. Make it Fun: Use cute reusable water bottles, cups or straws to make drinking fun. (My boys love their sea turtle water bottles).
  2. On the Go: Take water with you when you go out-if you carry a reusable water bottle with you, it will save the environment too!
  3. On the Hour: Create a habit of regular drinking throughout the day even when they are not thirsty.  Set an alarm to drink a glass of water once every hour throughout the day. 
  4. On their Own: Set up a “water station” to let kids refill their own water bottles. 

To create a way that my boys can refill their own water bottles, we recently started using a

Primo water dispenser in our home, and we love it!  Studies show that adding a water dispenser to your kitchen (home) results in families drinking 25% more water! We’re really enjoying the convenience of our Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser.

In addition to helping them drink more water throughout the day, I know that water quality matters, so I was happy to make the switch from tap water to Primo water.  Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis, so I know my kids are getting the highest quality hydration possible.

And as a bonus, drinking water in this way not only helps us practice healthy lifestyles but also helps us to do better for our planet.  Using fun reusable water bottles encourages hydration AND sustainability. That’s why we’re launching sharing this initiative and spreading the word about making a difference in our lives and communities.

Besides, 71% of Earth is made of water, which means we owe it to the very planet that sustains us to keep it alive, too.

For starters, the Primo 5-gallon bottles are sanitized and reused up to 40 times before being recycled into a brand-new bottle. In addition, just one 5-gallon bottle of Primo helps save up to 1,100 single-use plastic bottles from polluting our oceans. That’s monumental, considering 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute with 75% of them never being recycled.

As my boys say, they’re “Sea Turtle Approved!”

Not only can you feel good about the water you’re drinking, but you can feel even better about how you’re drinking it.

By drinking from a reusable water bottle, you can:

  • Lower waste in landfills
  • Reduce the production of harmful chemicals in plastics
  • Protect marine life
  • Save money

Primo can help you make better decisions for the sake of the environment…and your body.

We got ours at Harris Teeter but they’re available at thousands of retails stores across the country. To find where to purchase Primo water visit their store locator! Want to try it for yourself?  Use Coupon Code WATERGOALS25 for 25% off dispenser, FREE fast shipping + a FREE coupon will be mailed for 5-gallon bottle of Primo water and another will be in the box when delivered.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Primo.