5 Minute Homemade Peanut Butter

By Kate Horney

Confession: I’m a peanut-butter-a-holic. Yes, it’s a real condition…

Unfortunately, like many man made products we consume, the peanut-butter on our grocery shelves today is far from natural or good for fat loss.

Traditional peanut butter – the “normal” kind that we’re accustomed to – is often loaded with trans-fat. Trans-fat keeps the oil from separating and is good for aesthetics and ease of use, but is terrible for our health. It’s been said that after consumption, trans-fat may even become a plastic that changes the structure of our cells…our bodies basically become “partially hydrogenated!” (YUCK!) Whether or not this is the case, it’s not a risk I’d like to take.

So….try some homemade peanut butter instead! It’s quick (less than 5 minutes) and is soooooo good!  

The texture is just like “normal” peanut butter! Cut up some fresh apples or carrots with 2 Tablespoons of your homemade peanut butter…and VOILA! You’ve got an easy – and very satisfying – fat loss snack or meal.

5 Minute Homemade Peanut-Butter


  • 4 cups raw peanuts
  • 3 tablespoons olive or coconut oil
  • a pinch of sea salt
  • (optional Stevia for a sweeter taste)



  1. Place all ingredients in the Vita-Mix or food processor.
  2. Start at around Variable 3, and gradually increase the power. Insert the tamper through the lid. Use the tamper to push the nuts into the blades.
  3. Stop regularly to test the peanut butter for desired texture.
  4. Warning: Do not process it for too long or the mixture will over-heat. You can feel if it’s getting too hot…(Been there, done that… oops!)


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