7 Days of Fat Loss: 3 Moves for a Toned Tush

By Jennifer Pittman

We’re just 3 days out from the kickoff of Bikini Boot Camp, and for Day 3 of our Fat Loss countdown, we’re bringing you some toned tush tips…

No, ladies…Booty Pop panties are not the way to a toned looking tush (if you haven’t heard of this product, Google it for a good laugh). 🙂 If you want that lifted and toned bootie, you’ve got to do WORK!

Lunges are one of our favorite booty lifting exercises! It’s like a butt-lift without the plastic surgery!!!

Gulp! Gasp! Sigh! Yes, it’s true!!! The only way to having a nice toned backside is through clean eating, lower body exercise and consistency, consistency, consistency! Now, with that being said, let’s look at 3 bum-blasting super moves that will get you that toned backside without having to wear gimmicky padded panties.

3 Moves for a Toned Tush:

  1. Squats – Squats are one of the most versatile lower body exercises you can do for your backside. The modifications, variations and add-ons for squats are virtually limitless and can provide your workout with that extra burn your backside and legs need. You can do a basic squat, add dumbbells, one-leg squats, plyometric squats, etc… Bottom line – you want a toned bum? DO SQUATS!!!
  2. Lunges – Like squats, lunges are a super effective exercise for your bum and can be done practically anywhere. Doing lunges regularly helps build solid strength in your glutes and quadriceps. Not to mention, lunges work your abs, butt, hips and thighs all at once. Talk about a fat-blasting combo!
  3. Plié – The plié is a move that you can easily utilize and incorporate into your dynamic warm-ups before a workout to get that extra burn in your glutes. The plié has been used by generations of dancers and gymnasts to gain strength and flexibility in their legs and bums. This move is super simple and delivers more toning than you’d expect. Do two sets of 20 plié pulses during your warm-up and feel the burn!

These booty-toning moves are basic, but will provide you with the toned and lifted bum you want. Just remember, consistency is key! Incorporate these moves into your daily workouts and watch your booty pop (without the padded panties!)  🙂

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