7 Days of Fat Loss: 4 Ways to Track Results

By Blair Lindler

Our society is obsessed with the concept of results.  But more specifically, instant results.  So when we aren’t meeting our goals in a snap, we often get frustrated and are tempted to throw our hands up and quit the cause.  But you have to keep reminding yourself – it takes time.  And that’s why it’s so important to celebrate all the small bits of progress you achieve!  So we’ve come up with four ways that you can easily track and identify progress as a result of your healthy habits:

1) Forget the Scale — Get your Percent Body Fat Measured.  The scale doesn’t tell the whole story about you – body composition is more important than just a non-discriminatory number.  Muscle is denser and thus weighs more per square inch than fat does!  Even if you may not weigh much, you might be low in lean tissue and high in adipose (which predisposes you to all sorts of health complications and drastically decreases your metabolic potential).  It’s very important to know your numbers.  If you need help, contact your BeyondFit Coach here to schedule an appointment to get you measurements!

2) Check Yourself – How do you feel??  Are you feeling more energized?  Are you feeling more in tune with your body and its needs?  Are you noticing how your body responds to certain foods (positively or negatively) and adjusting your habits accordingly?  Are you feeling off when you aren’t keeping up with your exercise routine? Are your blood work results from the Doctor improved? All of these and more are signs of progress!

3) Photographic Evidence.  Take pictures at your “start date” and then take a progress photo every month.  Be sure you’re wearing the exact same outfit so you can really see how much you’ve changed.  Take photos with you standing at different angles – front, each side, and back.  Feeling super spiffy the day you take your progress photos?  Strike a fun pose in an extra pic!  Soon you’ll be looking back at those before pictures in shock about how far you’ve come.  See some awesome example before/after pictures here.

4) Barometer Pants: Use the fit of your clothes to determine progress.  Consistency and adherence to healthy habits (like attending Bikini Boot Camp) will lead to sustainable body change.  Suddenly you’ll notice those pants are fitting a little looser.  That might be one of the best indicators of all of your progress!

What are some of your favorite ways to track your health, fitness & fat loss progress?   Comment below or share them with us here!

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