Abs by Christmas Challenge!

Why wait for the New Year to get the flat stomach you dream of? 

If you start now, in just six weeks you can…

Flatten your stomach, ditch inches around your waist, and prepare both mentally & physically for a busy (yet healthy) holiday season.


Feeling joyful is what this season is all about!  This includes the joy that comes from finally figuring out how to make the fat loss lifestyle work for you… even during the hustle, bustle and stress of the holidays!

Instead of letting the holidays take over our schedules and our waist-bands (hello, feasting season!)- let’s take a different approach together…


Over the next six weeks leading up to Christmas we’ve got that extra motivation you need to stay on track!  Get ready to be challenged, tightened, toned, and motivated! (And bring out your skinny jeans- that waist is about to shrink!  No Santa’s “belly full of jelly”!)

Prepare yourselves, BeyondFit sisters!

You’ve got quick & easy recipes, my personal tips & tricks, WEEKLY workouts and tons of motivation coming your way!

Who’s with me?

Starting Monday, November 12th, here’s what you can expect:


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We’re all in this together!  Let’s get abs (or at least a much tighter tummy in just 6 weeks) by Christmas… together! 

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Are you in?

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