dsc_1741bwAs a new mom, I know what it’s like to be a busy woman who wants to regain her body (and energy). I created BeyondFit Mom to give women like you – and me – everything we need to reach our fat-loss, health, energy, nutrition, and training goals.

It’s not about a quick-fix program which leaves you floundering after a few weeks. It’s about results now and in the future.

 It’s about ongoing support, learning, education, and information sharing so you can take your results “BeyondFit” and into the rest of your life. After all, you don’t want to look good for a few weeks–you want lasting body change, physique transformation, and exceptional health so you can live the fat-loss lifestyle.

I’m Kate Horney, professional fat-loss expert with years of experience in helping women shed body fat, boost fitness, and learn what it takes to live the fat-loss lifestyle. I’m a mom to two little boys, and BeyondFit Mom is my other baby! But it’s not a solo effort; our strength lies in the network of BeyondFit Mom women who make up the international community we share. Thousands of new moms and real-life, busy women just like you are out there 24/7 living the BeyondFit Mom lifestyle and sharing their experiences.

Are you ready to join them?

aboutDiscover what the thousands of Beyond Fit Moms know about making fitness and fat loss part of everyday life. Uncover the fat-loss tips, recipes, mindset switches, and amazing secrets they all use to make fat loss and lean living a lifestyle they enjoy.

Together, we’ll help you cut through the fitness industry jargon, fitness myths, and endless stream of confusing misinformation. We know that real women need a real set of guidelines if they want to get real results. Join us to discover the simple recipes, delicious meal plans, and ingredients that will work for female fat loss. Come to us for quick, at-home workouts which blast body fat and build lean muscle to give you the physique you want. And lean on us for mindset tools that will help you manage the fat-loss lifestyle, because we know that real life isn’t always easy.



It’s about so much more than the initial program. It’s about life BeyondFit, and that’s why we’re here for you.



  • How to balance your metabolic hormones for optimal fat loss
  • The secrets of busy moms who want to boost energy and health
  • Tips for balancing hunger and cravings, even at that tricky time of day
  • How 1000s of women around the world can give you the motivation, support, and accountability you need
  • That it’s easier than you think to get back on track when life throws challenges your way
  • Exactly how real women like you can lose those problem areas like tummy pooches, upper arm fat, and love handles

And so much more!


I’ll be here to help, support, and educate you the whole way. We have a strong online community with a great social media presence, so you’ll be part of a lively team which is on call 24/7.

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IMG_2805Every new mom loves a birth story. I’ve shared the birth story of my sons here – but what about the birth of BeyondFit Mom? I created BeyondFit Mom as I prepared to lose the baby weight of my own. With a degree in Exercise Physiology and over nine years of experience as a personal trainer, I looked everywhere for resources I could trust when other new moms asked me for advice. I found great workouts for women who could spend hours at the gym, and excellent diets that certainly worked…

but only if you had hours to spend in the kitchen and didn’t mind going hungry and lacking energy as you chased fat loss. I knew that wouldn’t work for busy women and new moms who needed energy as much as they needed results. I quickly became frustrated at the lack of information that taught new moms how to actually lose the frustrating extra body fat they were left with after having their babies. The most valuable information I found was from a surprising source: my husband, a United States Marine.

new-mom1As a new mom, I had very little time to exercise, shop, and prep food. Not like I did as a young fitness pro! Yet, I wanted to look good and feel healthy, lean, and functional for my newborn. I wanted the energy and health I needed to be a great new mom. I discovered from my husband that 1000s of deployed military men and women are familiar with my struggle. Like me, they have almost no time to exercise (and often no access to a gym); they have no time to prep food (deployment tents don’t have kitchens!), and they have very little time to dedicate to healthy living. But it’s as important for them as it is for us. They spend their days (and nights) serving our country. We spend our time serving our families. Don’t we all deserve the resources, education, and support we need to be the best physical (and emotional) specimens possible? I think so! Just like my husband and the rest of the deployed military, we need to feel healthy, with capable and functional bodies.

And so I started a blog to document the workouts and recipes I used to live the fat-loss lifestyle as a new mom. I revealed the military training secrets I’d adapted to make my fitness and fat loss more fun and focused. I wanted to take the science of the experts and uncover the bits which would actually work for real women.

new-mom2What started as my little blog has turned into the most complete fat-loss system for moms worldwide. And I couldn’t be happier! Every single day, BeyondFit Mom is delivering truly useful information to real women and busy new moms. It’s helping them. It’s supporting them as they get results they never thought possible. This stuff is real. I’ve developed and fine-tuned an approach to burning baby fat and getting your body back which works for real women, every single time. It’s the perfect blend of the latest exercise physiology research and military training strategies, carefully designed to give you the tools you need to reach your goals, create lasting body change, and live the fat-loss lifestyle. Join us today!

Do you want to have all those tactics for your own use? Uncover the secrets 1000s of women are using worldwide in the BeyondFit community? Discover how you, too, can have the physique you crave? It’s simple, and so quick to get started. Just enter your email below and click “sign up!”

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