Become Your Goals

By Jennifer Pittman

My journey in fitness and healthy living had a humble and, albeit, frustrating beginning.  Five years ago, my outlook on fitness was that of a person looking to lose weight and not gain health. All I cared about was the scale; which lead me into a dreadful and confusing relationship with my food and workouts.

I thought that working out more and eating less would get me to my goals. Little did I know that that mindset was actually taking me further away from where I wanted to be. Since I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, I became frustrated and fell into even more unhealthy habits. I was stuck in a spiral of give-up and begin again fitness.  I would get so frustrated that I would just give-up wholeheartedly; eating crap food and foregoing working out. Of course, this would make me feel even worse about my situation and so the spiral continued.

Then, one day it dawned on me…I had been going about this all wrong.

If I wanted to meet certain goals, I realized that I had to BE that person my goal needed me to be. I had to become my goal

It was through this revelation that I realized, all too often, we set goals for ourselves that we are unwilling to BE in order to HAVE. I realized that it is important to become who you want to be NOW and stop waiting (wishing) for it to happen. Here is an example of the difference between setting goals and being your goals:

The Scenario: You are a mother who wants to become a good fitness role model for your children and you decide to run a 5K.

The Problem: You’re 20lbs overweight, have a poor diet and have never ran for any length of time or distance in your life.

Someone in this situation who has not become their goal may say, “I’m training for a 5K, but I’m not a good runner.” However, someone in this situation who has become their goal would say, “I’m a 5K runner.” See the difference? Who do you think would have a better chance at achieving their goal? When this mother re-states to herself on a daily basis “I’m a 5K runner”, she will automatically start BEING and doing what she needs to do in order to have/meet her goal. There will be no more excuses. She is now a 5K runner. At that initial statement, thoughts shifted and she BECAME her goal.

So, being the all-or-nothing type I tend to be, I decided to completely re-train my thoughts and feelings about goals.

If I was not willing to BECOME my goal, then I was not willing to make the change.

Once I applied this to my goals, I saw a complete shift in my perspective, attitude and willingness to make things happen. No longer did I dwell on what I didn’t do or should’ve done. All of a sudden that stuff didn’t matter because I was my goal.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have bad days and procrastinate more than I probably should. But these bad days no longer set me adrift from where I am because I AM MY GOALS. I’m telling you…once you decide to BE your goals, you will stop making excuses and start seeing things HAPPEN!

The BeyondFit team loves to watch you BECOME your goals!

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Your success starts with a goal. What will YOU become?