Real Women. Real Results: Beth R.

By Kate Horney

Feeling joyful is what this season is all about!

This includes the joy that comes from finally figuring out how to make the fat-loss lifestyle work for you, even during the hustle, bustle and stress of the holidays!

Instead of letting the holidays take over our schedules and our waist-bands (hello, feasting season!) – we’re taking a different approach together.

Here’s what one of our Abs by Christmas sisters, Beth R. writes…

“I’ve been texting my husband everyday telling him how amazing I feel, how many pounds I’ve lost, how good all the food tastes, did I mention how AMAZING I feel?!

My experience with Abs by Christmas thus far:

Since I’ve started following the Abs by Christmas nutrition guidelines, I have achieved what I thought was impossible.

I kicked my habit of diet soda (eck!), I have virtually no cravings for processed sugar (because it’s not in my diet now), and I feel better than EVER! So much energy!

I don’t feel deprived – Thanks to unsweetened cocoa powder (yum!) and my fat-loss friendly meals, snacks and yes, desserts! They keep me satisfied for hours! I am truly making this a lifestyle from now on. This is so doable and sustainable.

My anxiety is nearly nonexistent – I’m on track to start decreasing my meds, thanks to vigorous exercise! My depression has greatly improved since I’ve kicked out processed sugars. In almost two weeks of this new lifestyle, I’ve witnessed so much change in my body.  

Clothes that were too tight before are roomy now – I feel my tummy and behind tightening up more and more everyday!

I tell you what, BeyondFit Mom is spot on, THIS WORKS!  

Armed with plenty of information on nutrition, my grocery trips are completely different now. I no longer eat solely for my taste buds, I eat for my WHOLE BODY!

The exercise workouts are so doable – 30 minutes 3 days a week is perfect! They leave me feeling energized and happy!

I talk to everyone about my new lifestyle and even cooked for my family for Thanksgiving. No carb coma or guilt for us this year! Filled with lean protein and fiber, we had a satisfied family with virtually no cravings for sweets!

Abs by Christmas came at the perfect time for me, and offers the accountability I need to stay on track for success!

I’m so excited for the next four weeks, and THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!”  -Beth

What’s on Beth’s Plate:  (Everything is fat-loss friendly!)

She wrote…”Kept us full and satisfied for hours!! I also chopped up apples and mixed in cinnamon and stevia and let it sit on the stove during the meal. Sooooo good!!!”


P.S. Beth is already half way to her goal!  She’s finally found the key to sustainable fat-loss. Beth has lost 6 pounds of fat while maintaining muscle and she says, “It is so much easier than anything I’ve ever tried before!” 

If you want this to be YOUR experience, join the Abs by Christmas Challenge NOW! 

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