BeyondFit’s January Favorites

By Kate Horney

I’m asked all the time about products I’m using/love, so today, here’s a list!

BeyondFit's January Favorites

These are a few things that came in handy this past month…

January Favorites:

  • Fitmiss Cleanse: Keep your stomach flat and your body regular with this helpful supplement! (Try this plus our 3 day detox meal plan)
  • Kate Spade iPhone Case: Protect your phone from sweat as you do your BeyondFit workout.
  • Jump Rope: The perfect way to get out all that energy via a met con workout on a snow day!
  • Michael Kors Watch: Because every fit girl is looking to see when it’s time to eat next. (seriously!)
  • Brow Pencil: Get the perfect eyebrows that won’t melt off during your workout!
  • Necklace: For whenever you get out of your yoga pants and dress up… if that ever happens!
  • Versa Gripps: To help you lift heavy and workout hard- these are my all time FAVs!

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BeyondFit's January Favorites

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