Bikini & Figure Competitions: 3 Weeks Out

By Kate Horney

Well it’s only three more weeks until the big day!  I guess this is the start of crunch time. We are really on a pretty good routine right now and I’m feeling pretty positive about this competition. I am anxious to see how it works out, and three weeks sure doesn’t sound like very long!

Last week I mentioned I hate the fitness industry for what they have accepted and even PROMOTED to women as a “normal” way to train- a fitness competition or otherwise….

I have worked with many women who suffered from metabolic damage caused by extreme diets, excessive cardio, and outright UNHEALTHY ways to get into the shape they want.

One of the goals for my upcoming Bikini Competition, aside from just having fun…

…is to PROVE that there is a better way!

So instead of suffering through weeks of extreme dieting or hours (sometimes twice/day!) of cardio, I’m sticking to what I know works- a balanced approach with both a caloric deficit and a focus on balanced metabolic hormones.

Quick & efficient workouts done AT HOME save time… (which is precious for busy moms like me!)

My workouts are quick and efficient so even though I love making health & fitness and priority I DON’T have to sacrifice time for the things that matter most for a fleeting, outward goal. (Hello, husband, son, my faith and more!)

At 3 weeks out both Patrick and I feel great!  

I have the energy I need to take care of my family, I’m not hungry or dealing with ravenous cravings (although I’m not going to lie… I’m ready for a belated celebration of “national chocolate chip day”) and I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally balanced.

YES, I enjoyed a vacation even while in contest prep!  🙂

This past week I was even able to ENJOY a vacation, a wedding, and a long week with family WITHOUT obsessing or stressing over my diet.  I ate consistently on plan 99% of the time but did enjoy a cheat meal at a wedding.  Physically, this served me well to upregulate leptin levels and mentally, it gave me a break and a way to enjoy all of my favorites that are not necessarily competition prep friendly.  (Hello CHEESE!)

So in summary, things are well on their way. I hope you are able to see that your fitness goals are achievable, no matter what they are, without having to do anything too extreme or crazy.

Small changes, sustainable lifestyles, and quick workouts will take you much further than you can imagine.

So check back in next week to find out how we are doing!

Here’s to embracing a healthy, happy and BALANCED life as a mom AND fitness competitor!  Oxo!  -Kate

P.S. For more excitement, here’s a live look at the arrival of my competition suit: