Day 9 of 25 Days of Fitness: You’re Not Hungry- You’re Bored.

By Blair Lindler

I can say this with personal experience… When you’ve got nothing to do, you suddenly become starving and you need something to eat.

Actually, no. You’re not hungry, you’re bored.  You just need something to do to keep your hands (and mind) busy so that you don’t use food to cure your boredom.

Get a hobby!

As the weather gets cooler, the holidays begin, and stress abounds.  Then when you add in the boredom of the winter months (whose cold weather often makes getting out of the house more difficult), our excuses to eat often increase.

So to combat stress and boredom (read: Fat Storing)…

I recommend that you find a hobby!  Hobbies are a great, relaxing way to diffuse stress and be productive (increasing your sense of self-worth).

In an effort to resist the hand-to-mouth phenomenon, I have picked up my crocheting and have made a decision to teach myself how to quilt. (What can I say? I love crafting!)  But you should find some things that you enjoy that don’t revolve around food.

My second ever quilt block

Here are some general ideas that can help get your mind jogging on what you could pick up this winter:

  • Read a couple of those books you’ve been dying to pick up
  • Hone your photography skills
  • Volunteer with the local soup kitchen
  • Get involved in organizing a table at your kids’ holiday festival
  • Make your holiday gifts (guilt-free hot cocoa snowman) instead of buying them- it saves money and fills up your time!

If none of those peak your interest, just hop on over to and see what catches your eye!  Whatever you do, put down the cookies- make the choice to spend these indoor-ridden months being productive and it’ll help you avoid the Winter Weight Gain 🙂

Tell us…. are you tempted to eat when you’re not really hungry?  

How do you combat stress + boredom?

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