{Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance} Conclusion

By Blair Lindler

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance:  For the last two months I’ve blogged a lot about setting priorities, setting boundaries, learning to say no, and more.  It’s been two months of introspective blogs, encouraging you to…

Find the activities and life that you want!


I think it’s pretty amazing that when we put our minds to something, we can usually achieve it.  And we can completely transform who we are.  This is true for our physique, our nutrition, our finances, AND our mindset.  The hard part is making it happen.  But once we use the tools we’re given and start working toward those goals and we start feeling some success, we won’t want to stop.

For some real life tips to help you live a healthy, happy & BALANCED life, refer back to these posts often:

After you’ve defined your boundaries and your priorities, and you’ve started saying no to things that don’t balance with them, you will suddenly find that the smoke of your life is clearing, and you’re going to find that you have more time and fulfillment with life.

Gasp! More time?! 

That’s right.  More time.

When you stop saying yes to things that just clutter your schedule but don’t add any fulfillment or value to your soul, you’re going to have more time for the activities that sing to your soul.

You’ll also find that you are more peaceful, joyful, and balanced.  There will be less drama, less angst, less frustration and irritation.  You’ll be more equipped to handle challenges when they come because you’ll know who you are.

There is one little caveat however: Life constantly changes, and so will your prirorities.  Although you’ve gone through the last two months with me, defining and establishing, they will have to be re-defined and re-established from time to time.

Embrace the changes.  Grow with them.  Enjoy them!

But most of all, enjoy the peace and balance that comes from boundaries, priorities, and that two letter word “No.” 🙂