The 4 F’s of Cellulite & How to Reduce It

Ugh. Cellulite is something that over 90% of women deal with no matter what their body shape and size. 

Cellulite (aka cottage cheese thighs) has been a hot topic with my clients recently, so today we’re going to dive right in.


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What is cellulite all about?


Cellulite doesn’t have so much to do with amount of fat, but more about the underlying soft tissue (including muscle mass), water retention and the orientation of the fiber in the lower body of women (different than that of men).


4 Simple Steps to Attack Cellulite


Our battle plan is broken down into the FOUR F’s: Fat, Fibers, Flow & Firm.

Fat – Burn the fat first. Because fat tends to be stubborn in certain areas on women, like the lower body. It is important to address key female hormonal patterns. Doing a fairly low carb diet and incorporating a few key supplements like green tea extract and coleus forskohli can make a huge difference here.

Fibers – This is called “collagen remodeling”. Using tactics to help change the orientation of the collagen fibers (which are different than those of men, giving a more “dimply” appearance). Some of the best ways include regular deep tissue massage and foam rolling.

Flow – Increased blood flow to an area means increased ability to move released fat to distant sites to be burned. Increased blood flow also is wonderful at removing fluid from the area and is essential for the health and strength of the collagen fibers. Massage is a great option, but applying heat helps as well. Exercise, sauna or hot baths will do this.

Firm – Muscle underlies the collagen and fat layer, and when muscle mass is built and strengthened below, it pulls the connective tissues tighter. This is about increasing soft tissue integrity. A lower body resistance training program that focuses on muscle growth is essential here—squats, lunges, step-ups, etc. If you need some inspiration, check out our “BeyondFit Booty Burn” workout or 3 Moves for a Toned Tush!


get rid of cellulite


There’s nothing magical about this cellulite protocol, it uses all tried and true techniques. It’s just about doing them consistently, and measuring so that you can monitor improvement over time. It is possible to see some visible changes in a couple weeks, but for most women, it is a process that takes consistent effort and patience.

If you’re ready to wage war against cottage cheese thighs, join the BeyondFit Life Club for fat burning workouts and fat loss friendly recipes! 


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