Chocolate Pecan Coconut Cups

By Samantha Rowland


These chocolate pecan coconut cups have everything you want from a traditional peanut butter cup and more! Secretly healthier, these chocolate pecan coconut cups are made with coconut oil, protein powder and homemade pecan coconut butter. Filled with fiber and protein, these vegan, chocolate pecan coconut cups are the perfect last minute treat!


Instead of always running by the store to grab something “last minute”, I have recipes like this that I can quickly prepare, taking almost no time to assemble. I make the chocolate coating from melted chocolate chips (dairy free for vegan option), coconut oil and chocolate protein powder. I had homemade pecan coconut butter on hand from some recipe testing the other day. I wanted to make these nut butter cups free from peanuts, since that’s a common allergen. Anytime I’m going to a party, I try to ask about allergies so I can create a treat that everyone can enjoy.





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