{Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance} 9 Ways You Know Your Boundaries Have Been Crossed

By Blair Lindler

Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance: Crossed Boundaries

In Part 1 of the Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance  I talked about how to establish and support your own personal boundaries.  Although that required a lot of emotional work and commitment to yourself and your boundaries, you may soon come to believe that was the easy part…

what to do when your boundaries are crossed

And it was.  Defining is easy.  Living our definition out is not so easy.

Inevitably your boundaries will be crossed.  Either you’ll slip into old habits, or you’ll unconsciously let your boundaries be crossed, or someone will simply have no regard for the boundaries you’ve set.

9 Ways You Know Your Boundaries Have Been Crossed:

  1.  You feel resentful/angry
  2. You feel overwhelmed
  3. You feel as if your self worth or opinion isn’t important
  4. You feel like a victim in a situation and become defensive
  5. You don’t care or have passion for something
  6. You feel insecure
  7. You feel distant
  8. You feel smothered
  9. You feel like you have no privacy or personal time

When a boundary (or boundaries) are crossed, the only thing you can do is step back from the situation, take a deep breath, and try to re-establish your boundaries again.

Boundaries are fluid.  They will ebb and flow, they will change from time to time. 

But remember, you are a beautiful woman who is not perfect and who doesn’t have to be perfect.  Boundaries take time and practice to become natural.  So give yourself some time and some grace in this process.

Coming up, I’ll talk about why boundaries are good, priorities, learning to say no, finding yourself once the smoke has cleared, and more… stay tuned! 🙂