Dear Girl Who Loves Pizza Too

By Rachel Turner


I know how you feel. I know how much you love pizza, your feelings go deeper than “half cheese, half pep see you in 30″. You love the it! Heres the deal, I know you’re pretty much FBO (facebook official) with it and all, but there’s one huge problem that you don’t even want to admit to yourself. You think it’s making you happy and it loves you back, nope. That big cheesy slob is only making you feel like garbage. You know what I mean..bloating, gas, sick feeling.


It’s time to take the cheese by the crust, and toss that cheater to the curb.


Okay, okay, okay..I’ll be serious now. I just shared a slice of my newest novel: Cheese Just Not That Into You…….LOL okay, now I’m done.


We have a serious issue, we think we deserve pizza (or insert your favorite unhealthy meal).


I chose the name “Strong Chicks Rock” for my business not just because I help women build strong bodies, but because we focus on mental strength just as much. That doesn’t mean I teach you to flex your brain, or have willpower of steel. It means I coach you in having a healthy relationship with food, I lead you to self love and having confidence.


To me, having the mentality of “I deserve this meal/ because______” only sets you up with an even worse relationship with food.


Most women at some point in their journey say things like:


-I’m earning my cheat meal
-I deserve this donut for how hard I worked this week
-I need to run extra so I can have more pizza


All of those thoughts contribute a self destructive relationship with food.


My hope for you, if you feel like your relationship with food struggles is that you allow yourself to let go of the “deserving mentality”.


100% of my clients go from lost, stuck, feeling deprived, and having a deserving mentality to having a healthy relationship with food and enjoying their whole journey solely from making the mental switch.


It’s important that you know this:


  • Your body will change and physical results will happen with consistency.
  • You will never deserve food. No matter how hard you work, that doesn’t mean you’ve earned cake. YOU AREN’T A DOG. No tricks, miles, workouts will lead you to a reward.
  • Your body is a temple, honor it through foods that fuel you and make you feel good.
  • Know that you can have something unhealthy, but know when to stop. (The biggest piece of advise I have for this is: Your food won’t run away. We tend to think ‘shit I need to eat this all right now or I can never have it again’ . That’s not the case though, have a serving or whatever and then be done. Knowing that if you truly wanted more its there. You are in no rush.)
  • You can’t out train a bad diet. So if you eat like poop and think you can go work it off, you can’t. This doesn’t mean that one bad meal will ruin everything you’ve done. It just means that you can’t go into a night out thinking “I’m going to eat ALL THE FOOD, just going to work it off tomorrow”.


What helps me the most when I’m eating, no matter what kind of food it is, is this: Is what I’m about to eat going to honor my body and my goals?


If it’s clear it won’t honor your goals ask yourself this: Is this something I can get anytime? Is it worth it?


If it’s something you can eat anytime, I always say pass. I’d rather get something special, something I couldn’t eat anytime so I really enjoy the experience.

I hope this article helps you, my pizza loving friend. I hope you are honest with yourself and your journey and can come to peace with food. A healthy relationship with food is what I want with for ALL women. May you have that and keep it for life forever.

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I’m Rachel Turner, Owner and Founder of Strong Chicks Rock. I’m a mom, a wife and a woman on a fierce mission to provide ladies across the world with the tools they need to succeed through their health and fitness journeys. I’m a lover of breakfast, kettlebells and meditation.