Success Story: Doctors are Shocked!

I love this story from Nutrition Coaching client & now Bikini Boot Camper, Jane Grubb. When Jane (a grandma of 14 grandchildren!) and I started working together last year, she had high blood pressure, was overweight, tired, on countless medications, and was ready to make a change. As she puts it, she was eating nothing but salads and protein shakes and was desperately trying to lose weight- but wasn’t getting any results. She was working out like crazy, but no matter what she did, she never seemed to make any progress.

For 6 months Jane used BeyondFit’s Nutrition Coaching & Accountability as a tool to learn the fat loss lifestyle. She ate MORE food than what she was previously eating (who wants to live off of salads & protein shakes?) and was working out LESS than what she had been previously working out (nobody wants to workout like a crazy person 7 days a week!)… and she lost 62lbs! Not only did Jane lose the weight, but she did so while balancing her hunger, energy & cravings (fat loss doesn’t have to be miserable!) No starving. No killing herself in the gym. Just smart, efficient workouts and good fat loss nutrition.

When Jane when to see her Dr. for a check up, her Dr. was SHOCKED! She’ll tell you the story in the video below- but he ran all sorts of medical tests, trying to determine HOW she lost the weight. Cancer? A tumor? Normal people GAIN weight over the holidays (hello, feasting season)… NOBODY loses weight over during this time…. or so he thought! But Jane Grubb proved him wrong! Her tests came back normal- no crazy fat eating disease. Just intelligent exercise & fat loss nutrition. Jane is in PERFECT physical condition. In fact, she had a hip replacement in February and was already back to her fat loss workouts at Bikini Boot Camp by the end of April!

In addition to her 62lb weight loss, Jane lost countless inches around her waist, hips and thighs, went from a 39% body fat to 33% body fat, and today she is on NO medication! That deserves some CELEBRATING!

Check out Jane’s story below: