4 Dynamite Dynamic Warm-Ups

By Jennifer Pittman

Here at Beyond Fit we love to start our Bikini Bootcamp workouts with a solid dynamic warm-up. But, what exactly constitutes a dynamic warm-up?

Dynamic warm-ups consist of movements that prepare your body for the movements you are going complete in your workout…

For instance, if you are going to incorporate a lunge and fly movement in your workout, you may want to warm-up with a set of walking lunges to get the lower half pumping or burpees to prepare your back, legs and arms. Dynamic warm ups help excel your workout performance by preparing your muscles for the workload. Performing static stretches before you begin your workout could actually be detrimental to your performance – save the static stretching for after your workout and focus on keeping it dynamic!

Here are 4 of my favorite dynamic warm-up routines:

  1. Walking Lunges – Walking lunges are a great way to get your leg muscles warmed up, while also boosting your heart rate. Step forward into a lunge position and lower your body until your front leg is at a 90 degree angle (stay aware of your front knee placement and keep it over or just behind your toes). Lift and switch legs; moving forward the entire time. Make this warm-up more challenging by placing your arms behind your head for a core warm-up as well!
  2. Butt-Kicks – You can do this warm-up move standing still or jogging. Stand tall and with an exaggerated swing, let your heel kick your butt; constantly switching legs. If you’re gearing up for a workout that contains deadlifts, squats, lunges or sprints, this move should definitely be incorporated into your dynamic warm-up routine.
  3. Jumping Jacks – Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke, right? Sometimes, the basics are best and jumping jacks are one of those movements. Jacks can get your whole body warmed-up quickly. Jacks are like the multi-tasker of dynamic warm-up moves; incorporating full body muscle work, plyometric, cardio and functional joint movements all at the same time! Don’t let this basic move slip by under your radar!
  4. Burpees – I LOVE BURPEES! Well, let me re-phrase: I LOVE/HATE BURPEES! Burpees are by far THE most dynamic of all the moves listed above because they truly do work EVERY muscle in your body while challenging your cardiac system and kicking up your plyometric skills. Want a video tutorial? Click here for a video of Coach Kate showing perfect burpee form (rocking a baby bump to boot!). When in doubt, DO SOME BURPEES! 🙂

What are some of your favorite dynamic warm-up moves?  Comment below and let us know!