Easy Family Dinner: Skinny Taco Salad Bar

There’s not much that can beat a visit from the best Dad in the world (no seriously, my Dad is the coolest). And one of the benefits of having him come to MY house is that I get to cook for him, which means that I have more say about what gets served. It’s also a great way to sneak some healthy food into my bear of a Dad.


taco salad


My Dad is the coolest. And he is an awesome cook. But he will readily admit that he does not cook or eat healthy – and jokes that he doesn’t know how to. Can anyone else relate? Having a family member that you love but doesn’t live the same lifestyle that you do – and having to cook for them and please their palate as well as yours??

If ever find yourself in a position like this, may I recommend a sure-to-please crowd favorite? Taco Salad.

It seems so simple that many of us forget about this go to! The beauty? You can sneak in low fat protein, tons of flavor with your homemade (and MSG free) taco seasoning, offer a buffet full of fibrous veggie toppings, and feel like you got away with something scot free! Even Dad loves a Taco Salad!


Fat Loss Friendly Taco Salad Bar



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Not a fan of ground turkey? Make the Lazy Fajitas (recipes here or here) and use the chicken as your protein! You can also find the MSG-free guacamole recipe here as well!

To assemble your Taco Salad, start with a healthy bed of torn green leaf lettuce, then add all the veggies you want. Top with some of your “Taco Turkey” or chicken, a sprinkle of cheese, a little guac and maybe a little greek yogurt. Enjoy!


taco salad

Even the pickiest family members will like this option!


Homemade Taco Seasoning


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