Exercise Doesn’t Have to be Torture

By Blair Lindler

The first round of our Bikini Boot Camp is coming to an end, and the BeyondFit Team is ramping up for the next round (begins July 30th! Be sure to register here to reserve your spot!).  It’s very exciting to be aboard the BeyondFit Team – the dreams and the possibilities are big!  We’ve got ideas out the wa-zoo, and we can’t wait to see where the path leads us!  But the core of our Bikini Boot Camp is simple – it’s you, the participants!  We have such a great group of women who come together three times a week to sweat it out together – to forge friendships, to encourage one another, to celebrate each other. These women have made the commitment.

But that commitment isn’t always easy. Deciding to make a change and to be 100% isn’t easy.  Finding the motivation to stick with it through thick and thin (pun intended) isn’t always easy.  Some people view exercise like this:

At BeyondFit we make exercise FUN.
No Tyrannosaurus Rex’s allowed

But the thing is, exercise doesn’t have to be torture. 

Just like anything else in life, it is what you make of it!  Here at BeyondFit, we firmly believe that you don’t have to torture yourself in a gym for hours to see results (and we’ve got testimonials and numbers to prove our thinking).  Heck, you don’t even have to go to a gym to get a good workout and get results (we don’t even use a gym!).

Just as you might want to change your lifestyle, it’s also time to change your mind about what it means and what it looks like to workout.

You’ll find that when you surround yourself with people who are positive and supporting, who have questions just like you do, who want/need to make a change, who look for reasons to laugh, and who above all love to celebrate the achievements…

It suddenly becomes a lot less like work and a lot more like fun!

So come check us out!  Come see what I mean when I talk about a group of supportive women who motivate each other (no Tyrannosaurus Rex’s allowed).  Come ready to change your mind about how long you have to exercise.  Come ready to work hard and sweat – to focus on the positive and to focus on you!
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