Frequently Asked Questions


Q: “I don’t get certified for personal training until _______.”  
A: We would still love to have you join us! This course has content that is valuable for both current and aspiring trainers. Although a completed personal training certification is required in order to be part of the BeyondFit Team and be listed on our site as a Trainer, you don’t need to have completed your certification to register. Simply register for the BeyondFit Trainer’s Course, complete your Personal Trainer Certification and then email us a copy of your certification when it’s complete.


Q: “I wouldn’t be able to start my BeyondFit Boot Camp until _________.” 
A: There’s no pressure to get started right away! At the end of the 4 week online course you’ll have all the tools you need to start, but the time frame for starting your BeyondFit Boot Camp is up to you. We only open the BeyondFit Trainer’s Course twice per year, so if you’d like to join the team at some point in the future – now is the time to complete the course! You can start your Boot Camp when you’re ready!


Q: “How does it work as far as using your program and materials?”
A: By registering for the BeyondFit Trainer’s Course, you have licensing rights to use the BeyondFit Method, BeyondFit Management Tools, BeyondFit Marketing material (including promotional graphics, logos, etc) and all BeyondFit branded bonus material for one year. If you decide to continue with your BeyondFit Boot Camp after one year, rights to all branded material + official promotion as a BeyondFit Trainer AND membership to the Trainer’s portal can be renewed for just $297.


Q: “How do we charge clients? What percentages are involved in terms of revenue from the Boot Camp?”
A: After completing the BeyondFit Trainer’s course, you make 100% of all revenue from your clients and Boot Camps. The decision of what to charge clients is up to you as well. You are welcome to teach a BeyondFit Boot Camp as part of a charity, at a church, at your local gym, park, etc. The fees for participants attending workouts are set individually by each trainer.


Q: “Will you promote BeyondFit Trainers on social media?” 
A: YES! I have hand picked our BeyondFit team and I am proud to promote all of our trainers on all of our social media sites. I ONLY want to work with trainers who are dedicated & committed to helping others, so if this is solely about growing your “name” or getting a social media ego boost, this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking to grow your business while you help others, I want to help you grow your following!


Q: “I am a new personal trainer without much experience? Can I still apply?”
A: Yes! I can help you take your personal training career (current or aspiring) to the next level and will give you everything you need to start and succeed.


Q: “Will we be featured on the website?” 
A: Of course! Upon completion of the BeyondFit Trainers Course requirements (proof of proper certification + 5 minute video demonstrating your training ability) you will have a bio and link back to your website on our “BeyondFit Team” page. I know that each one of our BeyondFit Trainers has their own voice, message and expertise, so we will work to highlight your unique strengths through article features, social media shout outs, and more!