Fit Mom Talk: Sarah’s Success Story

By: Sarah Patenaude

I’m Sarah. I’m a crazy busy mom of 4 kids ranging from 7 years to 5 months old. I’m not just a mom of 4 kids though, I am a believer in Jesus first, a wife second, a special needs mom third, and then come the other 3 kiddos!

And that brought me here, 13 pounds above my pre pregnancy weight and not feeling so hot and I really wanted to be and feel sexy again. For myself, my husband, and someday my kids (cause we know they will care!). I’m going to be honest; I had no intention of making this a lifestyle. I just thought that I would use this to get to my “normal” weight and then go back on my merry way eating what I want and exercising like mad to keep it off.


That has changed and even I can’t believe it. The first week of BeyondFit’s Abs by Christmas Challenge was not fun. I was emotional, hungry, confused (it felt like too much to learn), and I wanted my coffee creamer…bad! The second week went better and getting through Thanksgiving without gaining was beyond awesome. I started feeling satisfied from my eating and was learning to make cooking a part of my day so that everyone could have quick easy and best of all fat loss friendly things to grab on the go.

Making sure the entire family is happy with what we eat is important and I am not one of those moms that is going to make 3 things for dinner to achieve that.

I needed fun, quick and easy to make foods that could into our life.

Kate’s recipes and pinterest make that happen!! Hello happy family!

I am now into week 4 of the {Abs by Christmas} challenge and I have to say, this is my new life.

It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

I always had the fitness part down(although I like her way better, 3x a week for 20 minutes is something I can make time for. although now I have to shampoo my rug from all of the sweat that I’m shedding) but Kate is right, you can’t out do a bad diet. Once you get used to coffee without creamer and preparing your meals and snacks ahead of time, it just works.


In just 6 weeks I am down 7.2 pounds and 1 inch off of my waist.

I have grown a behind and I can’t stop staring at it, it’s awesome! I have so much energy that I hardly ever need an afternoon nap anymore and that was an essential part of my day with the baby waking every 2 hours at night. I barely crave the bad carbs that I lived on before. I have learned to give in once in a while and then go right back to eating clean again. I love that chocolate and peanuts are allowed and even better together!!

I have more patience with my children and I just feel so satisfied. I can’t stop telling people about my eating/exercise habits now and I want to exploit Kate to the world. I’ve been missing out all of these years and I’m just so happy that she showed me the way.

I may not follow it perfectly every day but it’s working. I made it work for me and I can not wait until a year from now because if this is my life now and the pounds are just falling off then just how many will have fallen off by then?!?! I may surpass my goal, I may surpass my wedding weight… I’m definitely working on sexy. 🙂