Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 17

By Kate Horney


How far along? 17 Weeks, 4 Days

Maternity clothes? Still holding out. I officially told P today that I’m gonna see how long I can go w/out the purchase maternity pants. I think summer will be my friend w/ beach dresses & unbuttoned shorts…. 

Best moment this week: Realizing that this is the last week Baby H is an “it!”

Miss Anything? Well, I gave in to the rare steak thing a few weeks ago, so… honestly, nope! Fun & special time!

Movement: Definitely been feeling it this week! So exciting!!

Food cravings: Chili has passed, and dare I say taco salads are on their way out as well? Cabbage is still a go-to, as well as blueberries & oat bran and some awesome fresh strawberries this week! Oh and nightly peanut-butter… sign me up!!

Gender: I think every single person we’ve met has guessed boy. I wonder if we’ll have a sweet little girl & surprise everyone!

Looking forward to: The big gender reveal appointment- Wednesday is game time! What’s your guess?!


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