Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 16

By Kate Horney


How far along? 16 Weeks, 4 days

Maternity clothes? Still just rocking the unbuttoned jeans, dresses & leggings so far. Gonna see how long we can make this work…

Best moment this week: Realizing that at this time next year, we’ll have a little one with an Easter basket!  Also, cooking/smelling chicken & NOT gagging during meal prep this week. After 3 months I think the food aversions have finally passed. Welcome back, chicken! 

Miss Anything? Well, I’m gonna be honest… I sneezed this week aaaaaand…. yeeeeeah, you mommas know. I guess ppl weren’t kidding about that. I miss the days when I wasn’t terrified of the aftereffects of a sneeze. lol But seriously…

Movement: My goodness, I still just don’t know! I’ve been feeling some little flutters on and off… I’m thinking thats some progress.

Food cravings: I’m a straight eating machine this week! Peanut-butter, cheese, greek yogurt, and basically anything else that isn’t nailed down to the pantry. What…. you’re not supposed to eat four bowls of blueberries & oat bran for breakfast?? 

Gender prediction: Pretty soon it won’t be a guess! But for now, I’m still going with boy.

Looking forward to: Feeling more movement & starting the quest for the perfect name…. one week & two days until baby H makes his/her big gender reveal!



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