Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 21

By Kate Horney


How far along? 21 Weeks, 4 Days

Maternity clothes? Mom sent me a Mother-to-Be’s day package with two cute “maternity” tank tops, but I think they’re gonna be lone rangers for awhile- spring is just so convenient for being pregnant! All you really need is a bella band & some cute dresses….

Best moment this week: Getting to see our precious little guy on the ultra-sound again! So cute to see him moving all around- giving the #1 sign and some fist pumps. They say he’s a wild child.  Waking up this morning with a card & kiss from my hubby was pretty special too- talking about how this time next year, our little boy will be here for Mother’s day… 

Miss Anything? I THOUGHT I was gonna miss getting my backside tanned this summer, buuuuuut at our 1st beach trip of the season this weekend, my brilliant hubby figured out a way to dig a hole in the sand for my belly! And it works well! No un-even tans here! 

Movement: I know this will probably change, but for now- I seriously wish he would move 24/7. I love the feeling. I get a huge smile on my face every time I feel him kick. I’m honestly just so grateful the Lord has given us this special blessing…. each kick and flip is a reminder.

Food cravings: Cabbage has officially passed! Hallelujah! The cucumber kick is still here (but isn’t quite as strange) as is the PWO Kix cereal, and fresh strawberries. CHEESE & all things cheese sound pretty darn good every second of every day as well. I started really jonesing for some (kinda controversial) deli turkey meat this week too….

Looking forward to: More nursery progress! Patrick put the changing table together this week- I can’t believe in just over 4 months we’ll have a little poopy butt on that table! Ahhhhh…. I CAN’T WAIT!



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