Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 27

By Kate Horney


 How far along? 27 Weeks, 5 Days

Maternity clothes? Fold over workout pants are the best! And Bella bands are pretty awesome too, since they allow me to still wear my old shorts! When it comes to maternity clothes, summer time most honestly just be the best time to be pregnant!

Best moment this week: Weekend road trip with my man & a photo shoot rockin the baby bump! So grateful for the opportunity! It was kind of fun when the photographer said “I’ve done fitness girls & I’ve done maternity, but this is the FIRST time I’ve seen one of both!” I’m grateful the Lord has allowed me to stay active through these last 6 months. Let’s start changing the fitness industry, one pregnant lady at a time… 

Miss Anything? Well, I can’t really paint my own toes anymore… but that just equals a pedicure, sooooo… I might be missing them, buuut not gonna lie, I’m not hating the pampering. 

Movement: All the time! He loves to squirm late at night & early in the morning. I’m still trying to figure out what big lump is his head and what is his cute little baby booty….

Food cravings: This week’s lineup consisted of protein pancakes & peanut butter (ummm, hello- YUM!), hubby’s famous chili, and an insane amount of fresh green beans & zucchini (with cinnamon?).

Looking forward to: Labor. I know, I know, it’s crazy… but we watched “Business of Being Born” this week and I’m excited! The ultimate goal is to get baby H here safe & sound in whatever way necessary- but I’m praying I can do it naturally- Lord willing! I think it will an incredibly special experience. And my goodness, I can’t wait to hold this little boy!



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