Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 38

By Kate Horney


How far along? 38 Weeks, 4 Days

Maternity clothes? Baby boy will be here just in time for fall! No way I could squeeze into regular jeans & sweaters at this point. But we’re making the bella band work for another week.

Best moment this week: At this week’s baby appointment when our midwife said “Oh WOW! He is low, low, low…” Could be another week or so, BUT it could also be any day! Oh my goodness, so hard to wait! Talk about anticipation!

Miss Anything? Walking like a normal human being. Seriously. The waddle got INTENSE this week. Pelvic pressure like nobody’s business….

Movement: Lots of moving and I can feel that he’s down lower. I can’t wait to see those little arms and legs wiggle OUTSIDE of my belly.  It will be SOON!

Food cravings: Wanted cinnamon rolls like none other this week. I think I talked about them for at least 4 days…. Finally made some today- completely homemade, gluten free, and surprisingly DELICIOUS! I haven’t baked in forever. I’m chalking this one up to nesting.

Looking forward to: D-Day!!!!

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