Focus: Train Your Brain

By Kira O’Donnell

Last time we were together you figured out what your purpose is and wrote out your goals. If you haven’t done that yet, click here before reading on.

So now what? I know why and what I want to achieve.

But HOW do I do it?

Today I am going to share some visualization techniques I have learned that will help you turn your conscious thoughts into your unconscious thoughts.

This will help you make sustainable lifestyle changes by training your brain to take hold of the automatic workings of the body.



As a certified athletic trainer, I spent many hours sitting on the sidelines of all different sports.

On game days I would find athletes sitting quietly in my office with their headphones just visualizing what they were going to do in the game. It was almost impossible to talk to them, they were “in the zone.” A football player would focus on imagining himself running the football into the end zone or making a big tackle. A soccer player would see herself kicking the ball past the goalie and into the net. It may sound silly but it works and it can work for you in your fat loss journey.

First, take a minute to focus and visualize your purpose.

If your purpose is to be a good role model for your children it may go like this:

“You are at the park in your brand new size smaller jeans (YAY!). The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing through your hair as you chase your daughter around the playground. You have so much energy and you look and feel great. You can smell the yummy but not so healthy food from the vendor in the park. This is no challenge for you though as you dig into your cooler full of healthy fat loss friendly foods, a grilled chicken salad loaded with veggies, a granny smith apple, a serving of almonds, and a big bottle of water. You share this delicious food with your daughter and don’t even consider a greasy burger or chips. After lunch you take a nice leisure walk down to the pond to feed the ducks.”

Can you see it? Try to use as many of your senses as you can when visualizing your purpose.

The more vivid the better. Your unconscious brain is most receptive at night just before falling asleep which makes that the best time to do this every day. This information will be downloading into your mind through metabolic messengers induced by your thoughts and will impact the way you move through your days.

Another helpful visualization to help reprogram your automatic behaviors and beliefs is Preemptive Visualization. This is when you mentally walk through your day and any scenarios you might likely encounter.

This is what mine looked like today:

“I wake up at 6am, pack my breakfast and morning snack in a cooler, and head to my Bikini Boot Camp workout. After an AWESOME 30 minute workout I drink my protein shake and eat my oat bran, and strawberries. I head to the gym to train a few clients and at 10 am I eat two hard boiled eggs for a morning snack. I train a couple more clients and then head home about noon. I take a shower, have a bowl of chili over greens for lunch, and then take my dog for a 30 minute leisurely walk. I then return home and do some work on my computer. At 3pm I snack on a granny smith apple with 1 T natural peanut butter with some chocolate whey protein mixed in. I head back to work for a couple more clients. At 6:30 pm I am home for my already prepped dinner of chicken, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, and 5 bites of a sweet potato. I follow this up with a cup of fat loss friendly hot cocoa. I relax and watch an hour of tv and it’s lights out by 9:30pm. PS I drink water all throughout the day.”

The best time to do this exercise is first thing in the morning while you are taking a shower or having a cup of coffee. Try to make your day as detailed as possible. It can be you saying no to a donut at your staff meeting and snacking on a protein bar instead, walking through the doors of your gym, or packing your gym bag at night before bed.

Like all things, consistency is key.

Set aside a few minutes every morning and evening to focus and watch yourself begin to make healthier decisions without even thinking.



The mind is a powerful tool, let’s make it work for us and not against us. Let me know how you do! 

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