You Know It Was a Good Workout When…

By Blair Lindler

A little light humor about working out…  (because we all need to giggle about ourselves sometimes)

How do you know if you worked out hard enough??

–        It hurts to wash your hair and you question if you can justify a trip to the salon to have your hair washed…


–        You have to use the handicapped stall because you need the handrails to help you sit down AND stand up from the commode


–        Even AFTER you shower, you’re still sweating.


–        You have to PULL yourself up any stairs using the banister

–        You grunt every time you go DOWN a step


–        Your abs hurt when you laugh or cough or sneeze

–        You have push yourself up from the couch like you were pregnant

–        You have to use both hands to raise your arms to brush your teeth or bush your hair

–        Your shirt is soaked through and the outline of your sports bra is showing


–        You feel like you could tackle the world


–        You feel about 1,000,000x better about yourself


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