Halloween Hangover?

By Kate Horney

We’re human. And sometimes humans (even those of us living the fat-loss lifestyle) have a hard time resisting candy…especially at Halloween! If you found yourself eating a few too many treats last night and woke up feeling guilty, discouraged, and in a candy coma, this one’s for you…

3 mindset tips to get back on track after a one-time splurge: 

1) Relax. The good news is, one meal is not going to ruin you if you eat smart and exercise intelligently from here. No one is perfect in their eating habits! What we have to learn is that we can give ourselves permission to enjoy and indulge in a one-time splurge, and then as soon as it’s over, we can (and should) go back to eating the way we normally would. Relaxing is not giving ourselves permission to continue to overeat and binge, but it IS allowing ourselves to indulge from time to time.

A single overindulgence will NOT make or break your fat-loss.

2) Don’t Beat Yourself Up. Too many women throw in the towel after a splurge. They fall off the wagon and then hit themselves over the head until they get back on. You may feel defeated and think, “Oh well, I blew it! It’s too late now. I’ll just eat junk the rest of the week and start again on Monday….” This is NOT the right attitude to have! Give yourself some grace. Allow yourself to mess up. And then remember…

3) Remember this is a lifestyle. After a splurge, it’s important to think of your eating habits over the course of a few days. What have you been telling your body over the course of this week? How about this month? How about this YEAR? Do you really think that ONE over indulgence can mess up a months worth of good fat-loss nutrition? This is a lifestyle, and that means looking at the big picture, not a single days events.

EVERY meal you eat is a chance to–via hormones–tell your body to either BURN or STORE fat.

P.S.  You may be tempted to compensate for the extra calories by skipping meals the next day… DON’T! Skipping meals will only leave you with raging hunger hormones and put you at risk for at risk for pigging out later.


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