Healthy Halloween: Fit Moms & the Switch Witch!

By Kate Horney

Healthy Halloween: Fit Moms & the Switch Witch

The thought of the highs and lows a child gets from binging on Halloween candy is enough to put the scare in any parent.

But kids don’t need to succumb to sugar’s roller coaster ride, and Halloween doesn’t need to be a healthy mom’s worst nightmare.

I’ve rounded up lots of healthier Halloween goodies that are sure to be a treat (check out the pinterest board at the bottom of this post) and if you’re still looking for a fun way to deal with the pillowcase full of junk from trick-or-treating…

Why not call on the help of the SWITCH WITCH!

The Switch Witch

Have you heard of the Switch Witch?
She wears a crooked hat
She’s on the hunt for candy
to feed her naughty cat.

He likes the brightest lollipops
The green chews and the blue
And if you have some bubblegum
He’ll really want that, too!

After trick or treating
Pick out some things to keep
And then put in a bucket, things
To swap while you’re asleep!

Only when you’re snoozing
The Switch Witch will drop in
She’ll take out all the candy
And who knows what she’ll put in?

So give the witch your brightest treats
For her cat instead
And in the morning you will find
A SWITCH upon your bed!

~ by Jana Sutterland


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