{Healthy Lunch Ideas} Buffalo Chicken Chili

With fall just around the corner, cooler weather is coming, and for me that means watching football with friends and family!

Sometimes putting together snacks for game day can be tricky but a nice big pot of chili goes a long way. You can use it to feed a large group or it can last you a week’s worth for meals!

The really great secret to making up a pot of chili–it’s super simple!

This chili recipe is for my friends who like to spice things up a little. Now it’s not quite as mouth-burning as that time I accidentally bit into a habanero pepper (it hurts just to think about it) but it does have a nice kick to it.  Of course, you can adjust the measurements as needed if you prefer a milder chili!


[yumprint-recipe id=’83’] 

My two favorite ways to enjoy chili is over fresh spinach and romaine lettuce or over baked spaghetti squash. Hope you (and your football-loving, chili-eating friends and family) love it too!

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