{Healthy Snack Ideas} Game Day Ranch Dip

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Finally! Football season is here! And I’ve got a healthy ranch dip recipe to see you through the entire 16 weeks!  

Blair Lindler here–I know I’m not the only girl who’s ecstatic about this time of year, but what is it about football season that brings out the endless bags of chips and bottomless bowls of dips? Where’s a girl to get some healthy snack ideas? Look no further than this healthy ranch dip recipe to satisfy your cravings without cramping your fat loss style!

I know oftentimes football parties are a difficult time for any one who’s watching their waistline and particularly difficult for those of us chasing the fat loss lifestyle.  So I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes (Healthy ranch dip is possible!) that will help you survive tailgate parties, super bowl bashes, and game day blowouts!


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Play Snack Defense




Take this fat loss friendly healthy ranch dip with a bag of pre-cut broccoli and carrots to all your football season celebrations and you’re good to go!

You’ll have your guilt free dip as well as the crunch we all desire when we snack without breaking any fat loss lifestyle rules.

The best part – you can’t even TELL it’s got cottage cheese in it. Trust me – I wouldn’t eat it if you could detect the cottage cheese, otherwise known as my least favorite food on the planet!


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