Holiday Protein Powder + Recipes!

Get in the holiday spirit with this LIMITED EDITION White Chocolate Mint Select Protein Powder, and AVOID those extra 10 holiday pounds on your hips, thighs and rear this year….

These HEALTHY, protein-packed recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth without wrecking your fat loss goals this holiday season.

Instead of asking you to give up milk & cookies completely, let’s make a couple of fat-loss friendly swaps! These will not only still satisfy your sweet tooth, but also don’t come with all the extra sugar and added fat storage. Treat yourself and your family to a healthy version of your favorite Christmas treats instead. (Shhhh…Santa may not even know they’re healthy!)  

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And once you have your delicious White Chocolate Mint Protein powder, start making delectable holiday treats with the following recipes that will support your fat loss goals AND satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. 3 Ingredient White Chocolate Mint Protein Bark 


[yumprint-recipe id=’61’]


 2. White Chocolate Mint Protein Bars

[yumprint-recipe id=’62’]


3. White Chocolate Mint Protein Cheesecake

[yumprint-recipe id=’63’]


 4. White Chocolate Mint Cookie Dough

[yumprint-recipe id=’64’]


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