Day 10 of 25 Days of Fitness: HORMONES!

By Kate Horney

After years of experience coaching hundreds of women- combined with personal struggles as a new mom trying to balance my own fat loss hormones- I understand the effects that hormones have on fat loss (or lack there of).  For women especially, this is an important issue to consider.

That’s why, I’m excited to bring you an extra special gift: a FREE expert the Amplified Physique Female Hormonal Fat Loss Report.


Have you ever noticed that we, as women, tend to have a more difficult time with fat loss? It is not a myth that women experience more hormonal fluctuations than men, and once we accumulate excess fat, or become pregnant and bear children…

We tend to have an even harder time balancing the hormonal patterns in our bodies.

For instance, our menstrual cycle alone is divided into phases in which our sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone) fluctuate drastically, and impact our energy, mood, hunger and cravings. To make matters worse, standard diet and exercise advice tells us that we should eat less and exercise more.

This model does not work for our metabolism; it works against it.

It throws our hormones on a rollercoaster ride of which many people cannot get off. Forced calorie restriction (this is different from the natural calorie restriction we experience when our hormones are balanced in a “perfect harmony”) alone will often lead to high stress, severe hunger, unbearable cravings, and intense fatigue. Add to this an almost impossible-to-maintain exercise/cardio increase, and you have yourself a perfect formula for fat gain!

Once women reach their thirties and beyond (and sometimes earlier, if they have followed the misguidance of this model for quite a while), it can often become painfully difficult to maintain metabolic health.

Epigenetics, or how the environment influences our hormones…

Is a fairly new field of study, but one that is becoming more and more crucial to understand if we want to get a better grasp on maintaining metabolic health. Fat loss cannot be attained nor maintained if our hormones are not functioning correctly together as a synergistic relationship, and when environmental chemicals enter our bodies, they mimic estrogen to the point where our bodies cannot tell the difference between the chemicals and our own natural estrogen.

As a new mom, epigenetics can play an especially important role in healing your body after pregnancy, without the use of drastic measures and harsh medication. And get this: it’s quite simple to manipulate this particular aspect in your favor once we show you how to implement the daily habits into your schedule!

Let’s face it: you as a mom have the toughest (albeit most rewarding) job on earth, but you do not have time to waste time!

You need quick, simple suggestions for living with optimal health and vitality, in a manner that keeps your hormones in a perfect balance.

Balancing your metabolic and female hormones will create healthy and permanent fat loss that you can maintain while you sleep, and we are going to show you exactly how to make this happen…

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