Kill That Craving

By Blair Lindler

Where are my sugar junkies?

I know you’re out there… Don’t worry, I’m not taking attendance.  I’m only asking for you to take ownership of one of your weaknesses (if you have it) and admit it to yourself.  You know the first step to breaking a habit? Admitting it.  Even if it’s just to yourself.

Sugar is one of the more “addictive” substances that we consume – both deliberately and not deliberately. 

Our foods have sugar where you wouldn’t even imagine – when I found out how much sugar was in ketchup, I was flabbergasted.  No wonder I loved sugar – it was in all of my foods and I didn’t even know it.  I was hooked on it without my knowledge or consent.  So it was only a hop, skip, and a jump to full blown addiction mode.  I couldn’t finish a meal without dessert (cake, ice cream, candy bars, a bag of jelly beans…), and when I tried to do without – the cravings and headaches were awful.  I have literally snuck out of the house with a crap excuse to my roommates so they wouldn’t know I was making a 9:45pm run to the nearest gas station to get a candy bar.

Becoming involved in BeyondFit Physiques has been quite a wakeup call for me.  Already I’ve learned so much about what’s actually happening in my body when I make the choice to feed or fuel my body.  And already I’ve recognized what I need to work on and some changes I need to make.

I feel blessed to be able to share what I learn and to share what I’m going through with y’all…  Not because I’m any better than you, but because I know exactly how some of you may feel: frustrated, in over your head, overwhelmed, and struggling.  I know because I’m right there next to you, sister.

So back to the topic of sugar junkies (my hand was the first one that crept up in admission)… We’ve talked a lot about sugar on the blog.  And Kate has mentioned that cocoa is “craving killer” before, but I want to devote a whole blog post to it…  Because it’s that good.

6 Reasons Guilt Free Hot Cocoa is just that good:

  1. It tastes that good – It tastes sinful (but it’s not!)
  2. It works that good — It literally fulfills any sugar craving I have
  3. It’s that easy – only three ingredients
  4. It’s that fast — only 45 seconds in a microwave
  5. It’s that cheap – only $7 for ingredients will last a month (or more!)
  6. It fits into the fat loss lifestyle that good – No “rules” broken!

So please… Save yourself the 9:45pm runs for a candy bar… Save yourself the money that adds up to be!  Instead, spend about $7 at the grocery store for the ingredients that can last you for a month, if not longer!

Guilt Free Hot Cocoa

  • 1 T unsweetened, dark cocoa powder
  • 1 packet of Stevia
  • 1 Coffee cup of warmed water

Mix all three ingredients and sip slowly for maximum enjoyment.

(Best enjoyed while watching a sunset, reading a book, or sitting in a hammock.)

I made mine a Venti… 😉