June Yoga Workout

Hi sisters, Brooke here, I’m so happy to be back with BeyondFit showing you this yoga workout!

I missed y’all tons!


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Today, its getting personal for me.

Whether our focus for working out is losing weight, getting back in shape after pregnancy, or just trying to be a healthier person, it’s easy to lose your focus. In our world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E!, entertainment magazines, internet bloggers, and so forth, it feels like we’re bombarded with images and ideas of the “perfect body.”

Whether it’s a fitness competitor’s blog or some crazy flexible yogini’s picture with her legs tucked behind her head, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In no way am I trying to take away from any of those folks and their accomplishments, they work hard and absolutely should be proud of all they have accomplished!

What I am saying is that it’s easy to lose sight of your own goals and accomplishments when you start comparing yourself to others. The majority of us have fallen into this trap, and I’m no exception.

I began looking at pictures of fitness competitors and wondering why my body wasn’t as toned as theirs. Or looking at pictures of the yogini doing a handstand and wondering why I couldn’t do that too. So I started working toward these goals…

But not in a healthy, balanced way.

I traveled down a dangerous path that included grueling workouts with no rest days, and an incredibly restricted diet. That path led me through a horrible back injury (and two months of therapy to get my back healthy again), and various other illnesses that seemed to linger for weeks on end. At some points, my vision would stay blurry all day and I couldn’t focus at work because my nutrition was so poor.

I was worn down, depressed, and worst of all, unhealthy.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I couldn’t understand why my body hated me. That’s when it hit me. I’m an athlete. I didn’t become that way overnight; those changes took time. And for me, the best way to measure change was accomplishments first, body size second.

From that day on I decided to focus on what my body could do, not how it looked.

With that mindset, I made a list of my current accomplishments. I am using 15 pound dumbbells for bicep curls for the first time in my life. I feel confident doing sprint workouts. I can string together sequences of yoga poses that continue to increase my balance and flexibility. And most importantly, I feel comfortable eating a balanced diet and giving myself a rest day (hello frozen yogurt and leisurely walks!). Taking the time to focus on what my body CAN do is the best way for me to stay healthy, balanced, and on track.

So, at the end of the following yoga workout take a 30 second rest to focus and be proud of your accomplishments.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and be proud of what your body can do! 


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