Knowing When to Rest

By Shannon Mayhew

Knowing When to Rest

Have you ever had those days when the day seems to drag along and you just feel sluggish?

I know I have!!

You sit back and think about what you’ve done throughout the day or ate, thinking that could be the problem. Once again, I know I have.

But, did you ever think you needed to just let your body rest?

Sleep is a very important factor in fat loss, not getting enough sleep throughout the night may actually stall fat loss. I know for a fact there are some nights when sleep is broken and you’re not able to get adequate sleep. It may be due to having a newborn baby, a sick child waking up throughout the night, stress, or you yourself are sick.

Now that cold and flu season is in full swing you really need to listen to your body!

I know personally I feel guilty for skipping my workout or pushing it back to a later time. I then have to sit back and tell myself there is a reason I had to do this. When I allow myself a break, and start back when I’m able, I feel better in the long run.

I fully believe in order to do day-to-day activities you need to take care of yourself first and do what’s best for you!

Other benefits of getting enough rest:

• Better health
• Lower risk of injury
• Better mood
• Weight control
• Reduces stress

Remember you are important!

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Knowing When to Rest