Day 13 of 25 Days of Fitness: Fit Mom Laura

By Kate Horney

If you’re a mom looking for a little inspiration this holiday season, check out these great real life tips from my friend Laura Peifer…

How did you create your life so that health and fitness is sustainable and can fit into your limited time schedule?  What’s the first step?

I think the first step is wanting it enough to sacrifice a few things (perfectly clean house!) And then look at your schedule each week, and write in what you will do on which days, and when.  Having a plan and sharing it with your spouse can ensure that you follow through.

What about moms who say they cannot achieve their goals because they don’t have time?

If you want to make it happen, you will find the time.  It may involve asking your spouse to take over a few extra chores, signing up for a gym with child care, or waking up an hour earlier.  You could look into child care swaps with friends so that you each get a turn getting in a workout, or hire a babysitter occasionally if you have to.

For moms who are frequently exhausted and worn-out by the end of the day, how would you advise they manage their schedules/energy/time so that they have the energy to reach their goals?

Getting a workout in first thing in the morning can help to energize you for the day, and will not give you the opportunity to skip it later.  I have a really difficult time fitting in an afternoon or evening workout.  There are so many excuses at that busy time of day! Make it happen before anything else, and you’ll have the satisfaction all day of knowing that you already took time for yourself.

What is ONE THING these moms can start on today that will not overwhelm them?

Use any opportunity throughout your day to add a little extra movement.  Do calf raises while you’re brushing your teeth, or lunge your way around the house as you tidy up in the evening.  Add a few squats or pushups off the counters while you cook in the kitchen.  All the little movements can really add up on days when an actual workout doesn’t happen.

Take us through a typical day in your life as a busy mom….

I wake up before my daughter and head out to run (or do a strength routine at home) before my husband needs to leave for work.  My husband feeds her breakfast if I’m not back in time, but I try to be back so we can all eat together.  Mornings are filled with play dates, errands, or trips to the zoo, playground, etc.  Twice a week, my daughter goes to “school” for a couple of hours in the morning and I use that time for school work, blogging, grocery shopping, etc.  After lunch, we have nap or quiet time for two hours.  We might walk to the playground for the afternoon or play at home until dinner.  Some nights my daughter will “help” cook, other nights I let her watch a short show.  After dinner, it’s daddy’s turn to play with her, do bath time and bed time.  Twice a week, I teach spin in the evenings and head out at that time.  Otherwise, I catch up on school and reply to emails, spend time catching up with my husband, and crash by 10pm.

Personally, what is most important to your wellbeing?

Taking that little time for me allows me to refresh my body and spirit, and sets my day on a better path to eat well, have energy for my family, and be thankful for all that I’m given. Finding that balance each day (not perfection) is most important for me.

How do you maintain a positive outlook, or do you? Are there times of doubt, insecurity, fear, etc? How do you deal with them?

I try to stay positive my tracking my progress, reading motivational books, and using accountability through friends and other bloggers.  I definitely doubt myself at times, but I’ve learned that those days or weeks will come, and then it passes.  Overall, I know that being active and healthy is a gift and a privilege and I try to focus on that.  I don’t HAVE to workout, I GET to workout.

What 1 piece of advice would you give to moms who want to take their fitness to the next level?

Set your goals… do you want to get stronger? Run faster? Eat healthier? Write them down and then take the steps to make it happen, which may include hiring a coach or personal trainer, or adding new foods to your diet.

What are your top 3 daily practices to stay focused, perform at a high level and get stuff done?

  1. I am very careful to eat a recovery meal (carb/protein mix) within 30-60 minutes after exercising, to ensure faster recovery and I get in as many high quality foods each day that I can.
  2. I make myself go to bed at a decent hour so I have the energy for the entire day. I am a grump when I’m tired!
  3. I love lists, and add my workout to my to-do list for the day so that I can cross it off along with anything else I got done that day.  I need to feel productive at the end of the day, especially now that I’m no longer working full time.

P.S. Laura shares more of her great tips (and seriously awesome recipes) on her blog and facebook page!