18 Reasons Why Living the Bikini Bootcamp Lifestyle Rocks!

By Jennifer Pittman

Last week, as I was working out with our Bikini Bootcamp crew, I realized the fat-loss lifestyle we’re promoting is more than a “diet” and workout program. It’s a sustainable lifestyle change that (once you learn how to make the right choices and changes for YOU) can be practiced anytime, anywhere! That reason alone is awesome, but there’s many other reasons why the Bikini Bootcamp lifestyle kicks-butt!

So, without further ado…here are my 18 Reasons Why Living the Bikini Bootcamp Lifestyle ROCKS:

  1. You sweat more AFTER your workout than during (only a Bikini Bootcamper knows what I’m talking about here!).
  2. You begin to look forward to 5:00am and freak out if you’re not in bed by 10:00!
  3. Your jeans are now loose in the waist and tight in your quads thanks to all those squats, lunges, plyometrics and sprints!
  4. You no longer have to ask your husband (or brother, or neighbor, or son) to open that jar of pickles for you – hello biceps!
  5. You pee every 10 minutes thanks to all the water, green tea and cocoa drink you’re consuming.
  6. Sunday = food prep day.
  7. The scale is no longer the tell-all indicator for your progress. Now, you rely more on the fit of your clothes, the amount of weight you can lift or the speed of your sprints for progress measurements.
  8. You know how to eat out and STILL lose fat.
  9. No gym membership? No problem! You can rock out a total body fat burning workout at home, while traveling in a hotel or after work for some quick sprints – like a boss!
  10. You eat MORE food now than you did before you learned about eating for hormones and fat-loss.
  11. FREE TIME – In only 30 minutes 3 days/week you’re blasting away fat cells with tons of extra free time to walk the dogs, play with your kids, read a book or just LIVE & ENJOY LIFE! 🙂
  12. Jean shopping is no longer a practice in anger management.
  13. Your co-workers look at you funny when you bust out a Tupperware container full of chili from your purse at a meeting.
  14. You know what rest based training is and why it’s crucial for fat-loss.
  15. Your blender is now your best friend.
  16. When people ask you what you’re doing or why you’re eating what you’re eating, you’re more than happy to give them the low-down on all things Bikini Bootcamp…and then of course send them a link to BeyondFitPhysiques.com
  17. You plan your cheat meals weeks in advance and don’t feel one iota guilty about scarfing it down. In fact, you know it’s actually going to help “re-set” your fat burning hormones!
  18.   You have more energy, sleep better, smile more and wear your “fancy pants” every chance you get!

Did I miss any? What are your favorite reasons for being a Bikini Bootcamper? Comment on our Facebook page and let us know!

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