Merry Christmas from BeyondFit Physiques!

Every day you inspire me with your support for each other and commitment to yourselves.

Just 9 months ago when I started BeyondFit, I was hoping to inspire people to live happy, balanced, healthy lifestyles. I created BeyondFit because I wanted to be able to get the message of fun, sustainable fat loss out there to women everywhere. Since then, BeyondFit has become so much more than I could have ever imagined.

I love connecting with you, getting emails from you and seeing relationships being formed as you encourage each other to achieve your goals.  I truly believe that the relationship you have with yourself and with other women is key to your success. Sometimes women can be overly critical- not only of themselves, but of other women…But the women of BeyondFit are different.

In this community, we love and support one another.  

We celebrate value balance & focus on more than just physical health.  By breaking big things into small goals, we are able to inspire, motivate & encourage each other to make lasting change.  And while doing so, we focus on the positive and celebrate even the smallest victories.  THIS, my friends is a recipe for success.  THIS is how you make the impossible- possible!

This Christmas, I am grateful to my family, my friends, and to all of you.

You are truly remarkable women.  

And I look forward to getting to know you more as our community grows and we work towards our goals in 2013… we’re all in this together!

Merry Christmas,

oxo! -Kate (on behalf of the entire BeyondFit Crew)

P.S. What’s ONE THING you’d like help with in the new year?  

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