Non-Scale Victories

Here at BeyondFit Mom we like to celebrate non-scale victories (NSV)

While it’s great to keep track of our numbers (BMI and circumference measurements) I personally enjoy seeing and hearing about the NSV’s. Sometimes they sneak up on us. Maybe you noticed that you can carry a 50lb bag of dog food from the store to your car without any help, when you couldn’t a few months ago. Maybe you go to a birthday party and get home to realize you weren’t even tempted by the unhealthy treats there.

Those are all NSV’s and reasons to celebrate together!

Other times we set a goal that doesn’t involve our numbers. Your goal might be make it through 3 rounds of your workout in the allotted time instead of 2 by the end of the month. Or maybe you want to fit comfortably into that little black dress you bought a while back and have hanging in your closet by a certain event.

Whatever it may be, doesn’t it feel good to experience these NSV’s?!?!?!

Here’s a challenge for you all: What will your next NSV be? Or maybe you have experienced a surprise one. Please share them with us to encourage and inspire all of the beautifully strong women around you!


Is your next NSV goal to learn how to #dofitnessbetter? 

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