One Day At a Time

By Kira O’Donnell

One Day At a Time

I am a part of a wonderful online community of women trying to attain fat loss. These women inspire me daily with their hard work, determination, and strong desire to live healthier lives. Recently there have been a few women discouraged with their eating habits and attempts to stay on that fat burning wagon. As a coach for Beyondfit Physiques, one of my favorite roles is to encourage these awesome ladies.

If you find yourself having a difficult time achieving this lifestyle, be encouraged.

You can do this.

I have found that the key to being successful is taking it one day at a time. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself “Today I will make good choices.” Let’s take it a step further and take it one meal at a time. When you go into the kitchen for breakfast say “I will eat a healthy breakfast.” Then, when you sit down later for lunch, say it again. Then say it again at dinner. Waking up on Monday morning and saying that you are going to eat healthy all week can be overwhelming for some. Take that pressure off of yourself and stay in the present moment.

When you go out to eat, look at the menu and tell yourself that right now, for this meal, you are going to choose healthier options. This doesn’t mean that you can never indulge in some of your favorite foods. We are not about depriving ourselves. Plan those meals in advance and try to save them for special occasions.

What I hope you can take away from this post is this:

Don’t stress about what you did yesterday – you can’t change the past

Don’t overwhelm yourself with how you are going to maintain this – you can’t predict the future

Live in the present and make good choices in the now and be happy with the baby steps you are taking to becoming a healthier, more fit you.

One last thing, never forget how special and loved you already are, just by being you!

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