My Post Baby Body: Part II

6 Weeks ago I updated you with photos of my post baby body (part 1)…

Today, I am officially 12 weeks post-baby!

I’m incredibly pleased with the fat loss progress that I’ve made in these last 12 weeks.  I’ve returned to my pre-pregnancy weight (even lost a little extra) and am wearing my “before Jackson” jeans with confidence!  My tummy has tightened, I’ve almost completely closed my diastasis recti and my ABS are starting to make an appearance!  (YAY!)

(Note the screaming baby in the photo- lol That’s REAL LIFE!)

To celebrate my sweet baby boy and the joy that comes from being healthy, happy, and balanced mom…

I am proud to announce the launch of the Beyond Baby 12 Week Online Fat Loss Program for MOMS!

I am extremely passionate about effective and EFFICIENT fat loss techniques for women. As a new mom, I had zero time to exercise, prep food for hours and dedicate the whole day to healthy living, like I did as a young fitness pro. Yet, I wanted to look and feel healthy, lean & functional for my newborn and to be a great mom…. I developed Beyond Baby to show moms that sustainable fat loss can be made easy.

I break everything down into simple, easy to follow steps…

All you do is eat (I’ll even give you some of my favorite quick & easy recipes) and get in a few signature Beyond Baby Fat Burning Circuit workouts a week (only 20-30 minutes each!) and watch your post baby body reshape right before your eyes.

The best part?  You can do it in as little as 3 hours a week!

Whether your baby is 3 months old or 3 years old… if you’re a mom ready who make a change, then my Beyond Baby Online Program is PERFECT for you! 🙂

Get your body, energy, and life back in just 12 weeks!

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