{Recipe} Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

By Chelsey Amer


I’ve been baking COOKIES!

I recently thought about the oat-rageous pumpkin cherry chocolate chip cookies I made about a year ago and just had to make them again. I wanted to cut out some sugar and bump up the pumpkin flavor…mission accomplished! 




Now, I’m not sure about you, but I like my oatmeal cookies chewy, with a more cake-like texture, versus a crispy cookie. {Chocolate chip cookies? Totally different — chewy center with crisp edges in case you were wondering.} Luckily for me, adding pumpkin to baked goods seamlessly creates makes a more cake-like texture (unless you’re Sally, because thesePumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are out of this world with the perfect texture!). 


I was able to eliminate the granulated sugar from the original recipe and increase the amount of pumpkin (more fiber!!)…so they’re almost healthy enough to eat for breakfasthey, live a little!…




Plenty of cinnamon (it’s anti-inflammatory!) and a hint of cloves, plus the pumpkin, provides plenty of fall flavor, without much sugar in these pumpkin oatmeal cookies. I kept the brown sugar for a more molasses-like flavor, but if you prefer, you can substitute granulated sugar. Even better, add a drizzle of maple syrup for even more fall in every bite!




And those large raisin-like bites? They’re dried cherries from Trader Joes. No. Sugar. Added!Oh and some dark chocolate chips too!!


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Meet Chelsey!

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